Light Your Sacred Fires, RCMP Raid Continues

Four people have been arrested already this morning at 39 KM despite their camp being outside of the injunction zone, and a massive police convoy is moving in right now! 

Communication has been lost between 39 KM and other camps and it is reported that RCMP smashed the window of the truck hosting communications. 

“Where ever you are, those who stand with us, we need you now. We need you to take a stand and stand up and fight back against this kind of oppression against our people.” -Molly

Live updates are being posted on Unist’toe’n Camp’s Facebook and Twitter:

Follow and Share Live Updates Here

CALL FOR INTERNATIONAL MOBILIZATION “The RCMP invasion and raid of Wet’suwet’en has begun. We know our ancestors are with us. We know our allies all around the world are with us. Organize a Wet’suwet’en solidarity action wherever you are and post it in this FB event page; all events will be compiled here. All Out for Wet’suwet’en!”

Vancouver: Meet at the offices of VANDU 380 E Hastings at 1 PM Today!

Victoria: Meet at Noon today at University of Victoria:

Ottawa: Tomorrow at noon

Yellow Knife: Tomorrow at noon

We will send out more actions as they are organized. Check the facebook page for most recent updates. 


Call your friends go to get them to the nearest demonstration to you and call the politicians enabling this violence to let them know what you think!

We cannot sit quietly as invaders attempt to remove our friends from their lands at gunpoint. It is up to us to shut down business as usual and make clear that this kind of action from industry and government is completely unacceptable. 


John Horgan (Premier)
(250) 387-1715

Scott Fraser (Minister Of Indigenous and Relations and Reconciliation)
(250) 953-4844

David Eby (Attorney General)
(250) 387-1866

Mike Farnworth (Minister of Public Safety)
(250) 356-2178

Doug Donaldson (Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resources)
(250) 387-6240

Michelle Mungall Minister of Mines Petroleum Resources)
(250) 953-0900
Your local MLA

I’m calling to ask that your government uphold
your commitment to the United Nations Declaration
of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) and
respect Wet’suwet’en Law by withdrawing the RCMP
trom Wet’suwefen Nation and canceling Coastal
GasLinks permits.

Iwas horrified when heavily-armed RCMP
officers forcibly removed Wet’suwet•en people
from their own territory last year. and want to make
Sure your government doesn’t let this happen today.
All five Clans at the Wet•suwet’en have rejected
all pipelines. Coastal GasLink’s proposed pipeline

does not have free, prior, and informed consent
from the Wet•suwet’en. CoastalGasLink and the
RCMP are trespassing on sovereign land.

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