Wet’suwet’en Updates Evening 1.31.2020

There is more news today on the situation involving the Wet’suwet’en peoples’ struggle to preserve their sovereignty and their land. Earlier it appeared a de-escalation for the next seven days was to happen. It may well be some of these stories precede that agreement.

Yesterday, RCMP attempted to enter the Gidimt’en supply and monitoring post, attempting to walk in to our camp which is outside of the injunction area. Police have undertaken a daily harassment and surveillance campaign against our supporters, and have even threatened to arrest those monitoring the road. While RCMP have publicly stated they will stand down for 7 days while our Chiefs speak with the Province, they continue to harass and threaten us daily.

https://www.facebook.com/wetsuwetenstrong/ 1.31.2020

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Sent to us from an ally:

Recently, we have learned that the community halls in Telkwa and Houston, two adjacent communities to the Gidim’ten and Unist’ot’en camps, have been rented out to house approximately 100 RCMP personnel, from January 31st, for 2 and 3 weeks respectively.

Please call the community halls to ask why they choose to be complicit in the invasion of unceded Wet’suwet’en territory, and the perpetuation of the colonial relationship that resulted in the 60’s scoop, broken treaties, land theft, and genocide.

Houston Community Hall:
Phone: (250) 845 2238

Telkwa Community Hall:
Phone: (250) 846-5212

Montreal Counter-Information

The RCMP are the only threat to people on our yintah. Their officers continue to harass our people despite claiming a 7 day “pause” on the enforcement order. The RCMP have been to our peaceful watch camp at 39 km three times since the announcement of the Wiggus talks with our Hereditary Chiefs, and in his most recent visit told us that he is going to come back with more police to arrest them.

They do not have consent to be in our territories! They are trespassing and trying to intimidate and harass our people. They also want to deny them access to clean drinking water. All of this needs to stop.

https://www.facebook.com/wetsuwetenstrong/ 1.31.2020

Construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline could be delayed for months because the company is missing a key authorization from B.C.’s environmental assessment office, according to a consultant for Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs.

The delay offers a chance to de-escalate the stand-off between the RCMP and hereditary chiefs and their supporters, as tensions rise in anticipation of imminent arrests to enforce a court injunction, Jason Slade told The Narwhal.

“If the EAO [Environmental Assessment Office] follows the law, they won’t have authorization to proceed from the EAO for many months,” said Slade, an environmental consultant for the Unist’ot’en clan, one of five clans in the Wet’suwet’en Nation.

“There’s no need for the police to go in and arrest everyone. The EAO authorization to proceed in this area doesn’t exist.” “

This is not like a minor conflict. This is exactly what the environmental assessment process is supposed to mitigate … This is an institution run by a community that has section 35 rights and is a required consultation partner in the project.”

The Unist’ot’en Healing Centre has been completely omitted. Impacts are colossal. With the new injunction there is a threat to the very healing lodge, as well as all the traditional activities that are involved in healing a person such as trapping, fishing, picking medicines and being out on the land. If it were a guide outfitter they would have been included in this process.

We need the Environmental Assessment Office and the Provincial and Federal governments to at the BARE MINIMUM follow their own laws and regulatory processes. And in the meantime we will keep asserting our ‘Anuk ‘niwh it’ën.

Coastal GasLink pipeline still lacks key environmental authorization in contested Wet’suwet’en territory. Premier John Horgan said earlier this month that the fracked gas pipeline had obtained all necessary permits — but it turns out the project is missing a key authorization from B.C.’s environmental assessment office, which is likely to delay construction even as RCMP stand by to enforce an injunction by Sarah Cox, The Narwhal Jan 30, 2020

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