All CGL workers have now been peacefully evicted from Unist ot en and Gidimt en territories

Hereditary First Nation chiefs issue eviction notice to Coastal GasLink contractors. TC Energy says it signed agreements with all 20 elected First Nations councils along pipeline’s path. Joel Dryden · CBC News · Posted: Jan 05, 2020

January 4, 2020

This is an auto-generated transcript of this video that I have tried to clean up as best I can.

So this is a letter that’s signed from
all the heads hereditary Chiefs Unist’ot’en
that’s it in our rightful, we held a feast hall
saying that we did not approve of these
projects and we were ignored and they
ignored our decision and go talk to
other people to try to push their
projects on and their word Unist’ot’en chiefs
went to ___ court case
spent millions of dollars to prove these
were our lands and they proved it in
that courts so what did they do they
changed the courts legislation to make
us look like criminals on her own land
we do this for your kids your grandkids
we don’t have much left they took all
our land already and my client only has
two territories this is one of them and
we use it culturally we hunt we do our
medicines we pick our berries we teach
our kids so this has been sent to David
Pfeiffer so this is a letter and the
Chiefs are now with their blankets down
39 and they’re gonna block that road and
we’re asking you guys to peacefully
leave this vacate this because it’s an
eviction notice from the Unist’ot’en
chiefs so if your boss tells you yes you
guys need to vacate then we’re not going
to block you from going out but once if
you guys refuse then we will close the
road and they’ll probably have to fly
you out they were just sending
a message to the province and the
federal government that they can’t
bulldoze over indigenous lands we’re
making a stand and we’re doing it
peacefully we’re not aggressive we’re
not wanting to harm anybody we’re doing
this peacefully for them to seriously
take us serious that we’re trying to
protect our lands for our kids and our

CGL worker: “all right I gotta go make some phone calls”

She knows. She’s indigenous so she knows
that our people have been
pushed for too long. It’s all about the
government ignoring us and that we have
a right to make the decisions on these things
we believe are going to destroy these lands.
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