Take Action – Protect Our Land – Paramount Network

Native American voices and perspectives are often missing when discussing issues that impact Native land. To fight this invisibility of Native peoples, Paramount Network and Yellowstone partnered with IllumiNative to share the story of the Fort Belknap Indian Community’s fight against the pipeline that threatens their land, water, and culture. The tribe, along with the Native American Right’s Fund (NARF), have filed to stop the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. Join Gil Birmingham from Yellowstone, as he meets and learns from the tribal leaders and changemakers who are fighting for more than their tribe- they are fighting for all of us.

Take Action | Protect Our Land | Paramount Network

Gil Birmingham, who plays Chairman Thomas Rainwater on Yellowstone, visited the Fort Belknap Indian Community in Montana to learn about the tribe’s efforts to stop the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline through their land. Follow along with his journey, and visit IllumiNative to learn more about how protecting the land and water affects all Americans: https://bit.ly/2lTUtzG

Take Action | Protect Our Land | Paramount Network

TRANSRIPT (partial)

I would like to see some time in the future that
we can all come to some kind of a mutual respect
and understanding for each other’s cultures,
for each other’s histories and stories.
(Peaceful Music)
Gil– God, this is just such beautiful
country out here.
[Andrew]- Yeah. I’m thinking about generations
down the road
protecting this land, you know, like our
former tribal leaders and making sure that
that uh, we’re looking out for our
grandkids and their, their grandkids
Gil: Several generations
[Andrew]: Yeah, that’s exactly right
Gil: You know, it parallels a character I play
in “Yellowstone”, Thomas Rainwater,
using the casino revenues to buy back as much
land as he possibly can because it’s the only
way you can assure protecting it for the way it,
it was before, you know, the colonists came in.
(country music)
[Andrew]: But yeah, you’ll have to make
a run for office, Gil.
Gil: Well hey, I guess I’ll have to.
[Andrew]: I’ll even campaign for you.
You know after this, I’m done with it.
[Andrew]: You never know these, these people
they’ll take a liking to you.
They may adopt you.
You know, after being on “Yellowstone”,
you know, you’ll be real popular.
Gil: You think I’ll be prepped?
[Andrew]: Oh yeah, you’ll be fine
Gil: Just playing one, now I can just be one?
[Andrew]: Yeah! Why not?
(country music)
[Andrew]: So here we are at the powwow

(Native American chanting)
Gil: We made it.
(Native America chanting)
(Native American chanting continued)
[Andrew]- All this work that we do,
it ends up right here
with the people.
That’s why we fight and we stand up for
what’s right for the people that came before us.
For our land, our water, our everything.
Our people, our land, each other it’s,
it’s all we have left.
You know, and so
we’re gonna keep at it.
I appreciate you coming here.
Gil– I’ll support you in anyway we can.
[Andrew]- Thank you brother.

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