“The most grim moment in human history”

Almost everything I’ve done and written about for years has been about some aspect of our environment and the terrible damage being done to Mother Earth. In recent years climate scientists and activists have been pressured to not be too negative. One reason given was to not cause people to panic. Another was the desperate hope that there might yet be some technological miracle. I have tried not to be too alarmist. But I believe what Noam Chomsky says here is correct.

The current moment, not just political, is the most grim moment in human history. We are now in a situation where this generation, in fact, in the next few years, is going to have to make a decision of cosmic significance which has never arisen before: Will organized human society survive? And there are two enormous threats. The threat of environmental catastrophe, which at least is getting some attention, not enough. The other is the threat of nuclear war, which is increasing sharply by the Trump administration, in fact. These have to be dealt with quickly. Otherwise, there’s nothing to talk about.

And notice that the wrecking ball in the White House just doesn’t give a damn. He’s having fun. He’s serving his rich constituency. So what the hell, let’s destroy the world. And it’s not that they don’t know it. Some months ago, maybe a year ago by now, one of the Trump bureaucracies the National Transportation Administration came out with what I think is the most astonishing document in the entire history of the human species. It got almost no attention. It was a long 500-page environmental assessment in which they tried to determine what the environment would be like at the end of the century. And they concluded, by the end of the century, temperatures will have risen seven degrees Fahrenheit, that’s about twice the level that scientists regard as feasible for organized human life. The World Bank describes it as cataclysmic. So what’s their conclusion? Conclusion is we should have no more constraints on automotive emissions. The reasoning is very solid. We’re going off the cliff anyway. So why not have fun? Has anything like that ever appeared in human history? There’s nothing like it.

Noam Chomsky – The Most Grim Moment in Human History, Nov 9, 2019

This makes it all the more urgent for all of us to stop burning fossil fuels. We don’t need to wait for government action. We do need to bring attention to and support embracing Indigenous spiritual and environmental ways. This Thanksgiving/Truthsgiving holiday is an important opportunity to do so. For decades we’ve procrastinated. Noam Chomsky tells why we cannot continue to do so. Otherwise we won’t live to see that many more Truthsgiving holidays.

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