What is your truth when it comes to the edge?

When you and your community can create its own shine there’s nothing beyond reach.

Diop Adisa

Hurricane Dorian’s devastation in the Bahamas is a visual testament to warnings of increasingly powerful storms as a result of warmer water and air temperatures. It is no longer possible to avoid seeing environmental chaos is happening now, rather than something that might occur in the future. Other places in the world have been subjected to this chaos for years. The number of climate refugees from the Bahamas are added to the millions of those from around the world.

What are you willing to do for your children? Your grandchildren? How far will you go?
What is your truth when it comes to the edge?
Well it’s time to go to your edge, or else your children’s future is over!
Let this be the wake up to take action. In your life. In your community.
Now is all we have and our opportunity to make a difference is slipping by rapidly.
Quit thinking about the change you want to see and just be it! Today! NOW! Later is no longer an option….

Joshua Taflinger
From Extinction Rebellion to the School Strikes ⁠— A New Climate Movement?

September 20th there will be a global climate strike. Students around the world will leave classes. Workers around the world will leave their jobs. I’ve been involved with a lot of environmental organizations and climate actions. This feels like something bigger and more effective. In part because of how young people globally are understanding the serious situation we’re in now. And more invested in solutions because the evolving environmental catastrophe will shape their lives, for their entire lives.

I’ve attended just one online training session about the Global Climate Strike so far, but it was the best one I’ve ever attended. Step by step we were led through what barriers we could identify in creating a local action. And specific steps to address each of these barriers. To think of people we know, who would be likely go join us in an action, and who would be most reluctant. And how to address that reluctance. The entire hour presentation was interactive. It moved away from generalizations to specifics.

This is a link to the free Climate Resistance Handbook.

If you’ve felt helpless about what to do about the evolving environmental destruction and chaos, this is your chance. This is also an opportunity I would urge you to use to connect with youth (if you aren’t one). You can explore the Global Climate Strike website: https://globalclimatestrike.net/online-trainings/

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