Do You Practice Hope?

Do you practice hope?

To practice hope is to face hard truths, harder truths than you can face without the practice of hope. You can’t navigate dark places without a light, and hope is that light for humanity’s dark places.

Quinn Norton

Can you face the hard truths of environmental collapse?

  • Can you face the utter devastation of the Bahamas?
  • Can you navigate your terror that you will likely experience environmental chaos yourself, if you haven’t already?
  • Can you face you are culpable for the rape of Mother Earth?
  • Can you admit your culpability to your children and the youth of the world?
  • Can you face that systems you have depended upon are failing?
  • Can you humbly ask indigenous people to teach you how to love Mother Earth?
  • Can you face the Spirit, whose warnings you ignored?
  • Can you humbly ask the Spirit for guidance now?

Can you navigate these dark places? Will you use hope as the light to find the path through? Will you listen for the Spirit to show you how to build a global Beloved community?

We desperately need people who will practice hope now. Will you?

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