Planning Next Steps for Sunrise Movement / Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement

The Iowa CCI / Sunrise Green New Deal Tour Stop in Des Moines was on April 24, 2019. An estimated 450 people and I attended.

One of the next steps listed below is to join us at the Iowa CCI HQ in Des Moines on Thursday, May 16th, (TONIGHT) to strategize on our next steps to build support for the Green New Deal and win our environmental battles here at home. Iowans have unique power to build the future we need, if we unite and get organized:

✔️transform the caucus moment into a movement to demand the #GreenNewDeal
✔️Fight back against attacks against solar in the Iowa State Legislature funded by dark money from Warren Buffet’s Monopoly utility, Mid-American
✔️Join the fight for clean water with rural Iowans across the state trying to protect the health of their families against corporate ag and CAFOs

Following are suggested next steps from Iowa CCI:

Our struggles are all connected, and now is the time to ride the momentum to build a movement big enough to win the changes we need to save the planet. Join us! Sign up for updates from ICCI here:

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