The Prophecy of the Black Snake

We knew there would be escalating attacks on those of us who continue to resist the construction of pipelines and other fossil fuel infrastructure. A growing number of states are passing legislation against “riot boosters”.

Bills to clamp down on pipeline protests have spread to at least nine new states this year, part of an industry-backed push that began two years ago to heighten penalties for activists who try to block fossil fuel infrastructure projects.
Several of the bills also allow prosecutors to go after people or organizations as “conspirators” or “riot boosters” for merely supporting or coordinating with others who violate the law.

More States Crack Down on Pipeline Protesters, Including Supporters Who Aren’t Even on the Scene, Inside Climate News,

In the video below Dallas Goldtooth tells the story of the prophecy of the Black Snake.

The black snake as I see it, it’s a concept, it’s a narrative, it’s a story we tell of the snake that is destructive. It’s a concept, it’s a narrative, it’s a story we tell of the snake that is destructive. It’s purpose, it’s instruction, was to bring sickness and destruction to the communities. To cast a shadow upon our heart and our spirit of negativity, of dysfunction, and unhealthiness.

And the pipeline that we see with Dakota Access, just like the proposed Keystone XL, is a manifestation of that black snake that is hell bent on sowing destruction and disease through our lands. But also doing so at its origin and all the way down to the point of refinement. To the communities that have to deal with it on the other end.

The black snake is the manifestation of the sickness of society. The black snake is the manifestation of the sickness of capitalism. And of the system that is hell bent on the destruction of those that are dependent on the land, that have a spiritual relationship to the spirit of Mother Earth.

And so when we talk about rising up against the black snake, it’s rising up against that sickness of capitalism. The sickness of that actual physical pipeline and igniting the fires and utilizing the spiritual essence of water to fuel our movement.

Dallas Goldtooth, Mdewakaton Dakota/Dine

Following is a full length documentary telling the story of the resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline from April 2016 to March 2017.

Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story [2017] Full Documentary

President Trump has signed another executive order approving the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.

Promise to Protect is an organization training activists how to engage in nonviolent direct actions at the Keystone construction sites. This is similar to the Keystone Pledge of Resistance I was involved with, that also trained activists to nonviolently resist the Keystone XL pipeline, beginning in 2013.

The following video of Nahko Bear singing his song, “Love Letters to God” reminds us of the struggles that occurred at Standing Rock.

Nahko Bear, Love Letters to God

My hope is the Sunrise Movement and the Green New Deal will kill the black snake.

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