Declare war on the United States?

I know this is a provocative title, but as I read about yet another environmental disaster, the 14 year long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, which might become worse than the Deep Horizon disaster, that thought crossed my mind. How many countries see the United States and its policies as a global threat? People are finally beginning to realize how dire our environmental situation is. As I read this morning’s story I wondered how many countries see the United States as a rogue nation now? How many people of the world are thinking enough is enough?

The relentless rollback of environment protections is just one of our country’s many threats to the environment, which of course impacts the environmental conditions of the entire world. Added to that is withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accords, opening many more areas to fossil fuel extraction and actively promoting the fossil fuel industry while resisting the development of renewable energy sources.

Then there are the billions of dollars added to our already gigantic military budget. And leaving multiple agreements with other countries such as the Iran nuclear deal and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. And the President’s cozy relations with authoritarian leaders, when he is not publicly taunting them.

Try to imagine what this looks like to citizens of other countries.

While I would like to think the billions of dollars we have squandered on the military might at least serve as a deterrent to actual military strikes from some other country or countries, it is sad to think about how the United States has abdicated its moral leadership.

What does this mean to those of us who consider ourselves peacemakers? When do we say enough is enough?

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