First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March-Public Utilities Board Press Conference

September 1, 2018.  After a night of thunderstorms, we took down our tents in wind and rain, and loaded our duffle bags into the gear truck. I was frantically typing away to try to get a quick blog post published. The first step is to upload the photos from my camera to the computer, and then edit the photos, which are then available to insert into the blog post.

We then carpooled to the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB) for a press conference to announce the First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March.  One of the primary goals of the March is to call attention to the IUB’s improper approval of eminent domain to force Iowa landowners to allow construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline on their property. The lawsuit by the Sierra Club and landowners against the IUB will be heard in the Iowa Supreme Court September 12.

The Iowa State Patrol kept an eye on us.

Ed Fallon, Bold Iowa, organizer of the March, speaks at the press conference:

Then Regina Tsosie sings a song:

A reporter for the Des Moines Register was at this press conference, and also came to Birdland Park for the beginning of the March. Here is a link to the Register’s story:

Reporters from WHO TV, the local NBC news station, were also at the press conference.

Jon Krieg, AFSC, and his wife Pattie McKee joined us at the press conference. Jon hadn’t planned on joining the March, but decided to walk with us this first day. Besides Jon, Peter Clay and I were the Quakers on the March. Later in the week my friend and roommate when we were at Scattergood Friends School, Lee Tesdell, spoke to us about his innovative agricultural practices.

After the press conference we carpooled back to Birdland Park for prayers and to begin the March.

Union park



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