The real sixth day

I got confused about which day I was writing about yesterday, which was actually the end of the fifth day (but who’s counting?). This is going to be very short because we plan to leave in an hour (which means we will probably leave in two hours). What’s with all the parenthesis?

Yesterday’s walk was fairly routine, but with no rain! Unfortunately I had so many photos to edit and writing to do that I missed out on Tim Dwight’s presentation about solar energy. Fortunately I heard a lot about that two days ago when Tim and I talked for about an hour as we walked.

During the walk my buddy, Matthew, said this was a great March because everyone talks with each other, which is a sentiment we all share, I think.

Since tomorrow is the end of this particular journey, it is going to be a bittersweet time, as someone said. Many times people have said our parting will be sad. But there are definitely plans to keep in touch with each other after the March ends. We want the discussions to continue. As I mentioned before, Manape said one of the reasons for the March was so we could work together in the future. To do that, he said, we have to trust each other. In order to trust each other, we have to understand each other. I would say we have succeeded in beginning to understand and trust each other. We look forward to working together in the future.

One other thing that was intended was to bring awareness to the upcoming Iowa Supreme Court case that will be heard at 9:00 am next Wednesday. You could help with this by being present then.

Time to prepare to March. Practicing hope.


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