Second day of the march begins

After setting up the tent and getting things ready for bed while it was still light out (lesson learned) we gathered for dinner in a huge shed on the farm of Craig and LaVon Griffieon, Craig and LaVon spoke about their year’s long struggle to prevent the expanding city of Ankeny. The city wants to rezone their farm land and force them to leave. So far they have held the city off.

Then Regina Tsosie spoke. First she thanked the Griffieon’s for their hospitality.  Then she spoke about the parallels with the theft of Native lands in the United States.  Regina expressed sympathy for the Griffieon’s situation, and said all of us would be willing to do what we could to help and support them. Regina said she hoped they would not lose their land.

We had prolonged, severe thunderstorms for much of the night. Lots of lightening and thunder. Again I was surprised at how well the tent held up, keeping the water out. There were times when the intensity of the rain could only be described as a downpour. I did get a little concerned when for about a 15 minutes the wind was blowing so strongly that side of the tent bowed inward. I was thinking of escaping to the farm’s shed, but was afraid without me weight, the tent might blow away.

After a quick visit to the solar shower (more on that later), and an awesome breakfast including French toast with strawberry/blueberry toping, we’re preparing to leave for a 9 mile trek today. The sun is shining!

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