First day of the march

The disorganization of the first night continued to be present the first morning. I wanted to write a blog post before we started, but that put me behind in getting packed up and ready to go. It started to blow and rain by that time, so I had the new experience of taking the tent down in those conditions.

After loading our gear in the gear truck, we carpooled to the Iowa Public Utilities board, which was responsible for using eminent domain incorrectly to force farmers to allow the Dakota Access pipeline to be built on their land. We gathered there this morning to highlight the case that will be heard soon in the Iowa Supreme Court, to challenge the improper use of eminent domain. Should the case be settled in our (the environmentalists) favor, that should stop the flow of oil through the pipeline. A number of friends met us there. There were also reporters from the Des Moines Register and the local NBC television station.

Then we drove to Birdland Park to begin the March. We gathered in a circle for prayers. Soldier Boy sang a ceremony song for us.

I mentioned some Quakers were going to be praying for us from 8:30-9:00 am daily, and everyone gave thanks and appreciation for that.

It was no longer raining as we set out to walk 13 miles today. The sun soon came out and it felt hot with temperatures in the mid 80’s and very high humidity.

After 13 miles we arrived at the Griffieon farm. A teepee had been setup. We setup our tents, then had dinner. We have been having strong thunderstorms all evening. Looks like another wet night.

More photos can be found here:!Avb9bFhezZpPiaxruSxvL0I7XbA6Qg


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