Family Separation at the Southern Border

Minute: Family Separation at the Southern Border

At the root of our faith is the sacredness of relationships among ourselves and between us and God. We have been heartbroken to see those sacred connections broken as children are separated from those who love them. We are so thankful for the efforts of those who are working toward the goal of reuniting every child with their family.

We would like our Congressional representatives to create and pass legislation to prevent such separations from ever occurring again.

We affirm the right of anyone to seek asylum.

We believe a change in policy that does not recognize fear of gang violence, domestic abuse or rape as credible fear should be rescinded.

We urge that mental health services be provided to traumatized children and their families.

Efforts by both our government and non-governmental organizations to help improve conditions in those countries people are fleeing from is a crucial part of addressing asylum. We recognize that historical and ongoing U.S. foreign policies have contributed to the violence in those countries.

Underlying all this should be reclaiming the moral narrative for our public policies. Too much of what the current administration has done, and continues to do, is related to stigmatizing those who are seen as ‘others.’ Rather, we believe in embracing diversity.

Approved by Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)  2018


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