The Message of the Eagle

The reason I have been studying what Arkan Lushwala has written, and what he said recently during his webcast, is because of my own observations about the necessity of a spiritual approach to our environmental chaos. I summarized this in the post Environmental Crisis for Dummies.

In biology there is the concept of homeostasis.

Homeostasis, any self-regulating process by which biological systems tend to maintain stability while adjusting to conditions that are optimal for survival.

Prior to the industrial age, Mother Earth was maintaining homeostasis, life was in balance. Cycles of food, water and population replenished what was used.

But with industrialization, products could be mass produced at rates that began to consume energy and material at higher and higher capacities. Fossil fuels were burned at ever increasing rates to supply the needed energy. The waste products of ash and carbon dioxide polluted the air and water. Likewise farming practices of fertilization, irrigation and mechanization supported exponential increases of the human population.

The explosion in material production and human population led to monetary based economies. The accumulation of wealth became the driving force for many people. It became acceptable to consume resources at whatever rate was necessary to further economic growth. Conserving limited resources was no longer a consideration.

Mother Earth was no longer in a state of homeostasis. Unless we find a way re-establish that balance, the cycles of life will continue to be overwhelmed and at an increasing rate. Returning to the values that honor the Earth and each other is the only solution. A spiritual approach will help us do that.

That is what Arkan Lushwala and Indigenous people are trying to teach us, to remind us of where we came from when life was in balance.

One of the books Arkan has written is The Time of the Black Jaguar. The first chapter is The Message of the Eagle.

“We see you Grandfather Eagle. You belong to what is high, and still you have the capacity to descend and bring blessings to us. We thank you for your medicine, your unlimited vision that allows you to guide us when we are walking without being able to see where we are going. We thank you for the gift of direction and sense of peacefulness that you bring to us from the spirit world.”

“This story, which refers to our first grandfathers, connects us to a time so remote that when talking about it we feel the flavor of a myth, and at the same time has so much to do with what is happening to humanity right now. The best direction for us to take becomes clear when we remember who we are, and I believe this is why Grandfather Eagle gave us this gift.”

“Over time, the giant and powerful humans grew in numbers. Enjoying the fruits of their intelligence and their creative capacities, they kept life in balance and made beautiful things with what the Earth gave them. Some kept living in simple tribal ways while others developed great civilizations that became containers of universal wisdom.

When they were at the peak of their power, darkness showed up in the souls of many, and for the first time humans knew emotions like jealousy, envy, and greed.

Disconnected from the radiant light of their spirits, they kept going further away from their original selves.”

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