Lynch Quilts Artist Explains

The reason for sharing the disturbing photo I took of one of the quilts in The Lynch Quilts Project was because a friend of mine, Jeff Howell and the artist, LaShawnda Crowe Storm were hosting a discussion about the project at “the brand new ‘Center for Black Literature and Culture’ at Central Library to discuss racism- a part of which is portrayed within the soul-moving ‘Lynch Quilts’ Exhibit.” My photo was taken during the time the quilt was on display at the Central Library in Indianapolis several years ago. The quilts are still in the library until April 1st. There are discussions on Sunday from 12-2 and Wednesday from 6-8 pm until the quilt exhibition ends

Following are two comments LaShawnda posted about the event.

“Thank you both (Jeff Howell and a library staff member) for your support in helping to ensure this history is remembered and helping our community have these difficult conversations.”

“One of the most telling conversations of the day was a family with 2 tween/teen boys that knew nothing of the lynching history. As we talked they began to talk about they felt this was like the police shootings, their fear of the police, etc. They then went to check out books so they could learn more.”

Someone who shared my post summed this up well–“I didn’t even want to look at this, but this is our history, all of us. We need to see and be appalled.”

LaShawnda Crowe Storm does a very good job of explaining this exhibit in the following TED talk.

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