Lynch Quilts Project

Here is a link to information about the Lynch Quilts Project.

The Lynch Quilts Project is a community based effort, which explores the history and ramifications of racial violence, specifically lynching, in the United States through the textile tradition of quilting. The project consists of a series of six quilts tackling the lynching phenomenon from various perspectives such as collective memory, communal conflict, gender, healing and politics.  The quilts combine a variety of traditional and contemporary quilting techniques to examine how the past, present and future are intricately connected. 

At the core of this project is not only a healing ritual, but a memorial process.

America, we are at a cross roads and now is the time to choose a future based on the reality of history. For it is the only way to move forward.”

 LaShawnda Crowe Storm


One of the quilts was on exhibit at the Central Library in Indianapolis a number of years ago. I took the following photo there.

DSC00012 (3)

Lynch Quilt Exhibit Project


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  1. jakisling says:

    Comments from Facebook post of this article:

    Liz Oppenheimer: This photo may not be appropriate… I am thinking of requests made in recent years by some folks very involved in the movement for Black lives, asking that we not post photos of the lifeless bodies of African Americans on the internet. There has been a growing concern of exploiting Black pain, so I thought I should mention that. I’ll see if I can find a link that explains the concern more fully.

    Jeff Kisling I understand. I don’t know if you checked the link but this is part of a community project by people of color to bring the discussion of racial violence into the open. My photo was taken when this quilt was on public display at the main public library in downtown Indianapolis.

    Liz Oppenheimer This link mentions making money off of Black pain, and it also mentions white people’s attempts to evoke empathy from white people.

    For sure, the image is triggering for me.

    Jeff Kisling I don’t know if you saw the previous comment written before your comment. This is a black artist’s project that she is asking people to share.

    Liz Oppenheimer As the article mentions, there’s a difference between when Black artists make choices and when white artists (photographers) do. I don’t know that there’s a right answer or a single answer here. I also didn’t want to dismiss my own wondering, if that makes sense.

    I’ll take more time with the article itself, and the art project it focuses on. Thanks, Jeff.

    Jeff Kisling Concern about a white photographer is a valid point, and that is why I had not publicly shared the photo I took, which is about 4 years old. But I was recently told of this Black led project and its use of these quilts to intentionally bring attention to racial violence.
    I forgot to mention that the artist herself LaShawnda Crowe Storm gave a Facebook “like” when I shared this photo on the Facebook discussion about her project

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