Journal 5/29/1971

Yesterday we saw the film “A Time for Burning” about race relations and the church in Omaha. The minister wanted an interchange of couples in their homes, between his Lutheran Church and the black Lutheran Church in Omaha. He lost his church as a result.

The film was very effective in showing the painful processes people go through in difficult situations.

Sunday 6/20/1971

We (family) spent the day at Whittier, Iowa. Albert and Lorene and Great grandmother all seem well.

It was a great pleasure to see Ron Ellyson. We biked during the afternoon, visiting an old bridge and going through Springville. He is working at St. Luke’s Hospital in Cedar Rapids. Linda Lam will be a Senior at Scattergood next year. Steve was at What Cheer, setting up a pottery, and Dave is doing alternative service.


Its hard to say why I decided not to return to Earlham next year. Much time and energy is spent in study. The question is whether the content was relevant.  So much stress is placed on doing assigned work at Earlham that little time is left to follow one’s interest relative to courses, or otherwise. I highly value having opportunity to choose what I study, but find independent work more taxing, if more valuable.

The problem is not so much what and how to study, but how long until one stops primarily studying and begins taking some action.

Sunday 6/27/1971

On way to Lake Okoboji stopped for meeting at Mapleside (Paullina). Had called Dan Wilson the night before and had a good talk with him. It was very good to see him and Colin and Bruce Rohwer and Doyle and Neva Wilson, Aline Autenreith, Dan and Dave Mott, and Jon Tesdell.

I am in favor of withholding support from institutions conducting immoral practices, such as the Selective Service System. I’m not sure that we should withhold support when it come to actions we believe in, though we don’t entirely agree with the organizations sponsoring the action.

(Note: A few years ago we had a number of discussions about that at North Meadow Friends, Indianapolis. Some Friends were not comfortable with the idea of joining the coalition of faith and political organizations that make up Moral Mondays.  A number of us from North Meadow were very involved in starting and working on Indiana Moral Mondays.  Eventually it was decided Friends were welcome to work with Indiana Moral Mondays, but the meeting itself would not join as an organization.

The Moral Mondays movement refers to this as “fusion politics” to unite disparate organizations around the issues they do agree on, and can work together on.)



Aspen on trail to Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado




Mapleside Friends Meeting, Paullina, Iowa  (Iowa Yearly Meeting Conservative)


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