KHOI Radio Interviews-North Korea Exchange

Following up on recent articles in the Des Moines Register about Iowa and agricultural diplomacy, KHOI (89.1 FM) radio talk producer Susan Franzen created an episode titled “Citizen Diplomacy through agriculture from USSR to PRNC“.
From the program’s website:

Ambassador Kenneth Quinn, president of the World Food Prize, spoke with us about the proposal he made in the Op Ed in the Des Moines Register,Agriculture could be key to easing U.S.-North Korea tensions.  His idea was inspired by a painting of the 1959 visit of then Soviet Premiere Nikita Khrushchev to the Iowa farm of Roswell Garst.,an event which opened the door to reducing the danger of nuclear war between the USSR and the USA during the Cold War.

Our next guest was Liz Garst, who remembers the visit and also could explain agricultural negotiations behind it.

A follow-up Editorial in the Des Moines Register led me to wonder about organizations that might provide channels for communication with North Korea today.  I spoke with Daniel Jasper the author of an article directly addressing this question, Opening More Channels with US-North Korean Relations.  He was our third guest in exploring this important topic..

This includes discussion of the North Korean agricultural delegation visit to the farm of Iowa Quakers Ellis and Win Standing in 2001.  And the quote from Quaker Herbert Standing during that visit at Bear Creek meeting:  “We must tell people that it is not through missiles and bombs that we find security and peace, but rather through the one-on-one sharing with persons of different countries, cultures and experiences.”

Originally broadcast 10/18/2017
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