Puerto Rico solar power

Although I don’t think the long term future of islands like Puerto Rico looks good because of rising sea levels and stronger hurricanes resulting from climate change, there is obviously a humanitarian crisis now.  And it will probably be years before all of the millions of people leave the island.  Over 80% of the people still don’t have power now four weeks after the storm, and it will take months to restore power to most of the island.

The destruction of the energy infrastructure, which previously produced fossil fuel generated electricity at very high cost (monthly electric bills of over $200), is an obvious opportunity to create a solar power/battery storage electrical system.

“We build solar panels to withstand 150-mile-an-hour winds — if the roof stays on your house, the solar panels stay on your roof,” Sunrun’s Fenster said in an interview at Bloomberg’s San Francisco office Thursday. “And batteries are real-life safety equipment. From a broad perspective, solar and storage can strengthen grids everywhere.”  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-10-06/solar-s-headed-to-puerto-rico-in-show-of-the-power-s-resilience

Following is the twitter exchange between Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rossello and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Puerto Rico Gov Musk solar

Tesla has built solar energy grids for islands before, such as Kauai island in Hawaii.



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