Ecological Devastation-“The Gathering”

Pictures, video and stories are often the most effective ways to teach, motivate and inspire people.  As many of you know I’ve been blessed to have been involved with Rev. William Barber in a number of ways over the past several years.

One of Rev Barber’s main projects today is Repairers of the Breech.  Following is the description of the Gathering about Ecological Destruction that occurred last night. Because of a last minute conflict, Rev Barber was not able to be part of this, as planned.   But I would urge you to watch this, because it is the best, most moving thing I have seen recently that pulls all of the things related to our environmental situation, justice, faith, and stories of hope into one place.

Millions of people on the frontlines of climate change are struggling to recover from the extreme effects of ecological devastation this month – and that’s just in the United States.
We cannot claim to love our earthly neighbors and sit quietly while the Earth herself is made unfit for human habitation. We cannot love humanity and yet give way to forces that derail the very climate that gives us life. We cannot be silent in a world devastated by our predatory relationship with nature. We must choose community and care of the earth over chaos and greed, recognizing that to protect the Earth’s delicate climate balance is to challenge the policies that increase militarism, advance poverty, and suppress democracy.
On Sunday, Oct. 1 at The Gathering, co-hosted by the Rev. Dr. William J Barber II and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, we partnered with, Appalachian Voices and Our Children’s Trust to hear from people affected by ecological devastation around the world on how we can join the fight for climate justice.

One of the great, moving interviews is with a youth involved in the campaign, the Federal lawsuit that has been methodically moving through the U.S. Court system.  Another is with an indigenous youth political activist.

Watch the video here:\





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