Who isn’t dismayed and discouraged today?  Who isn’t weary of the anger, strife, hatred, isolation?  Who doesn’t feel they haven’t found ways to do enough to make things better? No one seems to want to hear what anyone else has to say anymore, even though our lives are full of endless chatter.

I humbly suggest we need to really listen, to ourselves and others.  We know in our hearts what is right.  If we can just break out of what have become our preconceptions and really listen to our heart, we will know what we need to do.

Then we need to have the courage to do that.  Be brave.  Take risks.  Tell your truth to those whose good opinion you are afraid of losing, once they are actually listening to you.  Listen to their truth.  “Courage is fear that has said its prayers”– Karle Wilson Baker.

We know that every person knows within themselves what is right.  The way forward is to encourage everyone we come into contact with to listen to their own heart, and for us to actually hear them express that.  And consider changing ourselves based on what we hear.

Giving others the gift of being heard is how we build community.  Building community is how we create the world we want.


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