Korean War Memorial

Below are some photos I’ve taken from trips to Washington, DC, usually to attend Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) Annual Meetings.   The War Is Not The Answer campaign is one of FCNL’s many projects.

The ghostly, life size statues of soldiers at the Korean War Memorial give an eerie feeling of being closer to war.  The thousands of names of the Vietnam War Memorial are a stark reminder of the terrible cost of war.

I was especially struck by this photo.  I imagine these soldiers looking out at the wall of the names of so many of their friends and comrades, wondering why we never learn the lessons of history.



Soldiers gazing out at the Vietnam War Memorial wall


For those who believe in peace, please don’t give up now.  I believe in the power of prayer and the spirit.  I also believe we are the instruments of God’s will.  I recently heard a phrase that was new to me–“you cannot be the hands of God unless you put yourself in God’s hands.”

As Nahko Bear sings in “Directions”:

Grandfather, I’m calling on you
Need your guidance now
Grandmother, I’m calling on you
Need your guidance now

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