Nahko speaks to water protector youth after the dog attacks

The previous blog post was about Nahko talking to the water protector youth during his concert at Standing Rock last September 8, 2016.  Following are further remarks, as he talks to the youth between songs.  To put this in context, this was just 5 days after security forces used attack dogs against the water protectors (link to story and video below).  He was speaking to these young people while they were in the middle of their nonviolent resistance.

This isn’t over.  These messages are also meant for you and me.  The struggles continue. While indigenous peoples will continue to lead, the support of everyone is needed now more than ever.

“We are the ones, we are the ones, we are the ones we have been waiting for.  We shall overcome, we shall overcome.”

Please take this to heart.  Your spirit will soar.

When you’re feeling bad, when you’re feeling frustrated, put all your prayer into your palms, put them to the ground, put them back to the sky, honor the Father, the Mother, just know it will be alright.

Are you guys feeling proud, are you proud of yourselves?  Because the whole world is watching.  The whole world is watching.  So whatcha gonna do?  Gonna show love?  Are you gonna be smart?  You gonna think before you act?  Take care of each other?  You’re gonna show ‘em what family does.  They don’t know what that’s like.

You gotta put down the weight, gotta get out of your way.

Get out of your way and just look around the corner at your real self and look at all the potential that this beautiful Earth and love has to offer you.

It’s crazy being out in front of you guys.  I had a moment there.  I was like, I like started spacing out and I’m like oh god they’re looking at me aren’t they?  I was thinking about how much happened before any of us were here.  You know?  There is a lot of history here.   We gotta hold that when we’re standing out there.  You gotta hold that when you’re on that line out there, too.  You’re here for a lot more than just this pipeline.

It’s about rejoicing, it’s about laughter right now.  We’ve got a big day ahead of us tomorrow folks.  So, I just want to say I’m so grateful and I’m really proud of you guys.  I’m really proud of you.  (and then he turned away with obvious emotion).

September 3, 2016, dogs attack water protectors.

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