Federal Judge Orders Environmental Review of DAPL

Yesterday U.S. District Judge James Boasberg wrote the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers “did not adequately consider the impacts of an oil spill on fishing rights, hunting rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipeline’s effects are likely to be highly controversial.”

The judge stopped short of halting oil-pumping operations, pending further hearings beginning June 21.  Energy Transfer Partners had begun pumping oil through the pipeline several weeks ago.

This was triggered by an executive order from President Trump directing the corps to expedite approval, which they did by saying the environmental review ordered by President Obama was not necessary.

In a speech in Cincinnati last week Trump said “Nobody thought any politician would have the guts to approve that final leg. I just closed my eyes, and I said, ‘Do it.’ ”

This is an excellent example of the importance of checks and balances in our Federal government.

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