Help Stop Keystone XL

With the Republican administration’s Executive Order approving the construction of the Keystone, the environmental community is organizing to resist that.

From the Rainforest Action Network:

In December, 21 banks were part of a “revolving credit” that gave TransCanada $5 billion ATM card to fund the company’s pipeline business. JP Morgan Chase and Bank of Montreal are the lead banks arranging the credit. Notably, Citibank, TD Bank and Wells Fargo, which both financed the highly-controversial Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), are once again involved, and they re-upped their support for TransCanada while the DAPL fight was raging.

We’re calling for a national, coordinated week of actions, starting April 15th and ending on April 21st (right before Earth Day and the People’s Climate March). We will take our fight to three of the banks themselves: JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo Citibank and TD Bank.  Our plan is to mobilize thousands to take action and let the banks know that what they got away with Dakota Access won’t happen again with Keystone XL.
Types of actions for the #DefundKXL Week of Action:

1.      Protest/Rally outside of a bank branch

2.      Protest/rally  inside of a bank branch

3.      Divest action

a. Having folks enter a bank with the sole purpose of divesting their funds

4.      Occupation/blockade of a bank branch

a. Including components of civil disobedience/nonviolent direct action

Leave a comment if you are interested.

Thank you!

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