One of the interesting things I’ve noticed as we all struggle to deal with a Republican President and Party that is misusing and abusing its power, is how those who had been living a privileged life in our society suddenly no longer are, at least to the same extent.

I welcome the resistance to this abuse.  But I also hope those who suddenly feel powerless might realize this is how many people have lived their entire lives and histories.

This has the potential to be a “teachable moment” for those in the dominant culture.

I hope we can pay attention to this, and explore what it is like to be in an oppressed position ourselves, and how that affects us.

Hopefully this will help us better understand the privilege we had experienced, and be better able to understand and relate to those who have never benefited from that type of privilege.

I hope this will help us move forward to build the Beloved Community together.  You can help by making others aware of the opportunity we have at this moment.

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