The War of North Dakota

Last night was our latest local #noDAPL event,  seeing the rough cut of the documentary made at Standing Rock called “War of North Dakota” produced by Rod Webber.  The documentary opens with a warning that the film contains violence (by militarized law enforcement and private security) that might trigger PTSD.

Most of us have seen video clips from the attacks on the water protectors at Standing Rock, but the documentary gives a more prolonged, in depth look at what was done by law enforcement, and how the water protectors maintained their prayerful, disciplined, nonviolent response in the face of those atrocities.

How did we reach the point where fossil fuel corporations could corrupt the government to the extent that this was allowed to happen?

Why didn’t more citizens react in outrage?

The event was hosted by Healing Arrows, Indigenous Social Justice and Healing, whose Executive Director, Che Jim, led the discussion afterward.

 We believe that in order to advocate for social justice, we need to participate in social justice movements for Indigenous Peoples. As part of this commitment, we take a stand against the oppression and suppression of our Indigenous human rights as peoples of Turtle Island and in global Indigenous rights movements. We support the protections of Native nations’ Treaty rights and we promote self-determination for Native nations. We witness and we protect these rights through direct social action and education.

Joshua Taflinger, of White Pine Wilderness Academy, also spoke about teaching kids about nature.  He said “someone who is involved in nature would not build pipelines”.  Joshua is our main local #noDAPL organizer.

war in north dakota

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