We Need Visions

I’ve been thinking this seems to be a time when so many people seem lost and unsure of what the future holds.  I think what we need now are visions of what the future might look like.   Something to engage the heart and soul.  Something concrete to work toward now.

In terms of activism, if we can come up with positive visions of a better future, that will be how we get more people involved in building such a future. The Kheprw Institute (KI) has been an excellent example of this.

What if we had photographers, musicians, poets and other writers, podcasters, painters, sculptors, dancers, faith leaders, politicians, children, students, teachers, retirees, business owners, police and firemen, etc. all create how they see the same subject, in their own medium?

And then all the various works that were produced were exhibited all together in the same place, to the extent possible.

Taking this idea further, I was thinking the focus of the work described above could be symbolic of our present situation, maybe a run-down neighborhood. A combined vision like that above of a specific block of the city might show how various people see that. This could show what the present looks like, and provide the starting point from which to begin to build the future we would like to see.

That could then be followed by having the same artists and people repeat the exercise, only this time producing their vision of how they would like to see this city block transformed in the near future.

Maybe a store owner would work with an artist to paint a mural on the wall of the store.  Maybe a local business would sell the music or other artwork of local artists.  Maybe a community space for telling stories, playing chess, creating artwork could be created.  A community garden would be a great part of the new neighborhood.

An array of solar panels could provide basically free electricity to residents and businesses.

Rain barrels for every home in the neighborhood could help water a garden in every yard.

A 3D printer could produce needed products.

Local internet service could be created.

Computer/cell phone applications could be created to address community issues.

Emergency medical technicians and other health care providers could have a space in the neighborhood to provide basic medical care.

Policemen could have a community space and presence, for community policing, getting to know the neighbors.

Retirees and those unemployed could provide child care and education.  Community schools and classes would provide an opportunity to provide quality education, including spending much time in the community, learning about, and providing leadership opportunities.

What does the future look like to you?

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