North Meadow Circle of Friends Defunds DAPL

North Meadow Circle of Friends, the unprogrammed Quaker meeting I attend in downtown Indianapolis, decided during Meeting for Business yesterday to close the meeting’s bank account at Chase bank, because of the bank’s funding of fossil fuel projects, including the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Friends, we (#NoDAPL) are asking you and your meetings to see if your bank is funding the DAPL, and to close those accounts.  This may ultimately be what stops the pipeline.  Of course, decreasing fossil fuel consumption would also help.


Defunding the pipeline is becoming increasingly important as the Republican administration continues to try to force the construction of the pipeline.

A Federal judge will hear arguments to stop construction while the numerous legal challenges continue.

When I shared this news with those of us involved in local efforts to support #NoDAPL via Messenger, I received responses from everyone in the group wthin minutes, all with “thumbs up”, along with “Nice!” and “Thank you for your work”.

Here is a post from my friend, and the main leader of our local effort, Joshua Taflinger, of the White Pine Wilderness Academy yesterday.  At the present time, Joshua is at Standing Rock.

I have met and am proud to have stood with some of the bravest, heartfelt, and most spirited humans on this planet the past 2 weeks at Standing Rock.
In an environment with snipers scoping, missile launchers aimed, thermal scans from overhead flying military aircraft, and the ever threat of fully armed military forces invading, beating us down, and throwing us in a box….. I have experienced more love, compassion, respect, integrity, heart, reality, strength, faith, sharing, selflessness, sacredness, and guts than any thing I can compare.
Proud to know and Stand with all my relations on the front lines of our last hopes of a future for ourselves, our children, and all future generations.
It always has been and always be your choice, your power to Stand for what is right, no matter what…
Thank you Brandi Herron for your Love and support!
Stand with me!
Stand with us!
Love you


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