#NoDAPL Call to Youth Education and Action


This powerful video from ReZpect Our Water seems to be what is needed now.  A call to action, for youth to learn about, and speak out about what is happening to our water and how that will affect their future (transcript below).  Bring this message to your schools.

Transcript of ReZpect Our Water video

Hello everyone.  If you haven’t heard already, they’re drilling the pathway of the Dakota Access Pipeline underneath the Missouri River.  Right now what we’d just like to ask, if you haven’t already spoken to the youth about this, spoken to your younger brothers and sisters, spoken to your nieces and nephews, spoken to the youth, the kids of your family and the community.  If you haven’t spoke already with them and let them know what they are doing, and how our water is important, and it is being destroyed now and it can be destroyed as well with these pipelines all over the U.S.

Let them know now.  Take action and let the kids know now.  Let the youth know now, let the teenagers know now.  Teach them the importance of water and how it is important it is to us for everyday life and our survival.

Whenever you go to an action or if you plan an action take them with you.  This is important.  I know school and education are important, but right now we won’t have education in the future.  We won’t be able to send our kids to school if we don’t have any water.  

And this is important. 

Now is the time to reach the schools.  Go to your schools.  Let them know how this is going to affect them, and make that change.  Let the students make the change as well, because we have to use their voice as well in this fight.  We’re in this together.  We always say that but we’re still forgetting the youth.   We need to take them around with us.  Take them with us everywhere and let them speak.  Help them use their voice.  Let their voices be heard as well. 

Let them send the messages.  Together, we can send messages together.  We’ll do this together, but let them reach out to the government, let them reach out to the Army Corps, let them reach out to Congress, let them reach out to the House of Representatives, let them reach out to the President.

Because they heard our voice already. 

But I believe they still need to hear the youths’ voice. Because this is going to affect their future generations as well.    They’re going to have to deal with the consequences after we’re done.   We are going to have to deal with the consequences after they’re done building it.  And that’s only in our present.  That’s not in our grandkids’ present and their grandchildren and their great grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

We have to stand together.  Now is the time to educate the youth.  And let’s see what they have to say.


Thank you.

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