Chase Iron Eyes Statement from Morton County Jail

The new Republican administration has, unsurprisingly, declared war on our environment.  Yesterday the House approved a measure to overturn regulations that prevent coal companies from dumping waste into the water, 228-194. Nine Republicans voted against repeal, while four Democrats supported it.  Just think about that.  They said it is fine to dump coal ash into our rivers.  Isn’t this insane?

How can it be stated more plainly.   Corporations rule, and we and the environment suffer the consequences.  This threatens the survival of future generations.  At a time when greenhouse emissions are out of control, the last thing we need is to be burning more coal and oil.

Added to this is the continuation of the mistreatment, to put it lightly, of Native Americans.  One of the most shameful parts of our past history should make us want to address those wrongs, instead of continuing them.

Please share Chase Iron Eyes, statement.  Please take your money out of the banks that are funding this pipeline and all fossil fuel projects.  You don’t have to take in a sign to make a statement, like I did yesterday.  All you have to do is simply close your account.  This is the least you could do for your grandchildren’s future.  Corporations are of course all about money, not human values, so money is a tool to be used.

Please raise awareness about these attacks on people who only want to protect the Earth, save the water, for future generations.  This is a moral, spiritual issue, and it affects every one of us.

Listen to your heart.  I don’t think it will be telling you to remain silent.

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