#NoDAPL National Call 2-1-2017

Following is a summary of a national call from Standing Rock that just concluded.

This afternoon a newly established camp, The Last Child Warrior, was cleared by law enforcement after a standoff of about an hour and a half.   Approximately 40 were arrested, including Standing Rock Sioux member and leader, Chase Iron Eyes.  During the call a text message indicated one had received a guilty verdict.  “This is not a jury of your peers.”

Despite confused news reports, the easement has not been granted.  The Republican administration did announce it was pressuring the Army Corps of Engineers to expedite the environmental assessment.

There was supposed to be information about a possible call to camp, but as I understand it that is postponed for the moment, actually until Chase is released and can provide the details.  If the call goes out, it will be for people who can withstand the weather, and mindful of the possibility of arrest.  Children are discouraged.

People are encouraged to continue the campaign to defund the banks, and to continue street demonstrations.

Efforts now are to consolidate forces in order to be as effective as possible.  The possibility of a national action is being considered.  Valentine’s Day may be some kind of target.

The emphasis at the end of the call is to remember we are stewards of the land, not protestors, and that this is a battle for everyone, not just indigenous people.

The call ended with sincere thanks to all who are supporting these efforts.


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