Introduction to Quakers

I’ve been writing lately about my sense of an awakening in interest in spiritual matters, and thinking about ways Quakers can let spiritual seekers know what Friends might offer seekers.  Although Quaker organizations and meetings do make use of the Internet with websites and social media, I did not find a lot of information specifically related to connecting spiritual seekers with Quakers.  Internet searches are the main way most of us look for information these days, so I thought it might help to have more information on social media related to this.   I just created a new public Facebook group named Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers, and a twitter account,  @quakers_seekers.

I recently wrote a blog post entitled Modern Quakers, where I tried to write an introduction to Quakers and what they are about today.

Here is a link to a course called Quakerism 101 that has a lot of study material available online.

There is a series of short, informative videos about various Quaker topics, called QuakerSpeak


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  1. The Leckbands says:

    Jeff, your words and pictures help us remember the beloved community. On the spiritual journey….

    thank you, Jackie

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