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As I’ve written lately, I think this is a time when many people are turning their attention to spiritual matters, at a time when organized religions are not meeting these needs for many.  Quaker beliefs, practices and ways of worshipping are well suited to meet these needs today.

But there is a disconnect between the seekers and the Quakers–how do they find each other?  Quakers have never believed in “proselytizing”, i.e. trying to convert others to become Quakers.  But that is different from making people aware that Quakers are still around, and the resources we have to offer spiritual seekers.

There are a number of national and international Quaker organizations, but no one speaks for all Quakers.  If we are interested in connecting with seekers, we need to determine where they are looking for information.   As I wrote yesterday, I assume that would be on the Internet, mainly by means of Internet searches and social media sites.

Most of us are used to using Internet searches to find information we are interested in that is available on the Internet.  This has appeared to supersede the public library as a research tool for a great many of us.  The problem is whether there is information related to those search terms available, or not.  In the case of Quakers/spiritual/seekers very little information was returned from an Internet search.  There is no one authority on Quakers, and evidently not a lot of Friends are writing about spirituality, so there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of information in a digital format related to these things.

In an attempt to bridge the gap between Quakers and spiritual seekers, I’m creating a couple of places on social media as resources.  Yesterday I wrote about the public Facebook group,  Quakers Welcome Spiritual Seekers that I created.

Then I created a twitter account, @quakers_seekers.   The Friends General Conference (FGC)  website has information about social media tools, including this one about twitter.

These are two ways (Facebook and twitter) that we can help create a Quaker presence on social media, and ways for spiritual seekers to learn more about Quakers.  You can help by “liking” and sharing the Facebook page, and by using the  @quakers_seekers   tag in what you post online–that will provide a link to the twitter page for Quakers Spiritual Seekers.


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  1. martinkelley says:

    Some of us have been working on this for years of course… The #quakers tag on Twitter is pretty active with active Quaker content. In projects I’m associated with, the QuakerQuaker feeds (web, Facebook, Twitter) publicizes about a dozen or so posts on spirituality every week and Friends Journal is active on social media (our online audience is much greater than the print one). The November issue of Friends Journal has a number of articles by Friends doing outreach: There’s always more to do and fresh ways to engage of course. Google, Facebook, and Twitter don’t always return what we’d like them to return. But the work continues.

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