Zen Photographer

I sometimes wonder what is the point of all the photographs I take?

I tried to explain some of this in this document, that is rather out of date at this point:  Jeffrey A Kisling Photography

Not many people see most of my photos, and once I’m gone, they will likely be buried on some hard drive or whatever storage medium is used then.

As the document above tries to say, I continue to take photos because they help me see the world in different ways, in much more detail in many ways.  And there is a deep spiritual component in the attempt to capture and share beauty in a way that words cannot.

My camera was stolen almost two months ago.  I wasn’t as upset as I would have thought.  For one thing, a camera is a material thing, which can be replaced.  Plus I’d had that camera for a number of years and was thinking of replacing it, anyway.

The reference to Zen photographer was an attempt to express that even without a camera, I continued to look for and capture images in my mind’s eye.  I had developed the habits of scanning my immediate environment for images to such an extent that I continued to do so, just without the step of pressing the button on a camera.

But I was frustrated not to have a camera.  I tried to use the camera on my phone, but those images were just not worth saving.

I have a tablet for reading eBooks, and that camera wasn’t bad under ideal lighting conditions.  But the resolution, color depth and contrast weren’t great.

The new camera, this time a Nikon, arrived today, and I really am happy to have my tool back again.  Here are a few of the thirty or so photos I took on my first trip home with the new camera.


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6 Responses to Zen Photographer

  1. The Leckbands says:

    Hi Jeff, I’m so glad to hear you have a camera again. The photos you take add to your writing, thank you for what you share. Hope you had a good trip back after Thanksgiving.

    Have you had a chance to see Ed Fallon’s writings from Standing rock on facebook. It sounds like it is getting cold there, but many mention the spiritual focus. sending prayers tonight.

  2. Randy Kisling says:

    Very nice shots Jeff

  3. Ellis and Winifred Standing says:

    Your photos are so beautiful, Jeff, and keep reminding us of the precious world that surrounds us and of our responsibility to care for it wisely.

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