The Peacemaker

I’d like to share the story below from Tim Corcoran’s Facebook post.  This is what I was trying to say yesterday.  Things change when one becomes responsible for a situation.–the-tadadaho

It’s the story of how a man – the Peacemaker – was born into a tribe that was warring with five other tribes. The Peacemaker goes on a journey bringing his message of peace to the people, turning their hearts and helping them to bury their weapons of war.

Towards the end of the story, the Peacemaker has to deal with the most evil of all men – Tadadaho. This man was so evil he had snakes growing out of his head.


It was a great challenge to deal with this man. The Peacemaker’s approach was to put Tadadaho into a position of leadership. In this way, Tadadaho’s need for acknowledgement was met, and they worked with him to turn his heart and comb the snakes from his hair.


Perhaps we have a new Tadadaho. How will we comb the snakes from his hair? For me it starts with praying for him, as my elders said to.

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