This Is What Democracy Looks Like

From all that I have been reading online, I imagine this will be an unpopular post.

A chant we often use during street marches and protests is “this is what democracy looks like.”

Tuesday’s election is also what democracy looks like.  Elections are where citizens choose their representatives.  Then we have the incredible process of the peaceful transfer of power.  As someone who doesn’t believe in war, this is just amazing to me.

Many were very concerned when Donald Trump implied he might not accept the election results if he lost.  I thought at the time that no one should be allowed to run for office if they didn’t accept the conditions of doing so, which include abiding by the result.

I am well aware of the deep concerns about how fit Donald Trump is for the office of the Presidency.  But the time to deal with that was during the campaign.  Now the people have spoken, and enough people believe he is fit, and it falls upon us all to abide by the result.  Many of us were anticipating the possibility of many Trump supporters rejecting the election of Hilary Clinton, thinking that would be very bad form.

Donald Trump has said a great many things I strongly object to.  But now he is in the position of needing to figure out how to run the Executive branch of our government.  Actions will matter, not so much words.  The great inertia of our government bureaucracy will provide some cushion against too many abrupt changes.  Laws will still have to be passed by Congress.  The Supreme Court will continue its work.

It would be unfortunate to see progressives become the unwavering obstructionists that the Republicans have been during the Obama administration.

Obviously millions of our fellow citizens have voted for what they hope will be change, so that the government will better serve the people.  I think our efforts would be better spent in joining them to hold our newly elected representatives accountable for the promises they made during the election, the ones we agree with like job creation and fixing our failing infrastructure.  Much of that will require a lot of hard work and compromise.  We can choose to engage in this effort, or not.  Even if Hilary Clinton had won, the country is so divided right now that it would still have been important to work to address the concerns of Trump supporters.

The Trump administration stands for many things I oppose.  But I would encourage us to embrace the role of peacemakers, and work with all our fellow citizens to help our new representatives make the government work better for us all.



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