Natives, religion and culture

After writing about the tensions between religion and culture yesterday, I read this:

“Indian cultural traditions provided an easy explanation for certain kinds of religious acts whereas Christian religious acts depended primarily upon the acceptance of Western culture.  It was this cultural and historical perspective that Indians rejected.  The result we see today is the rapid movement away from secularism and Christianity toward a more serious traditional religious life.”  God Is Red: A Native View of Religion, Vine Deloria Jr.  p. 38

I wonder if this is another indication that there are similarities between Indian and Quaker views of spirituality.  Fortunately there are several Friends at North Meadow who have experience with Native Americans, and we plan to explore this.

One of the things I came across in God Is Red is the difficulty Native Americans have in finding people who can understand their views.

Native issues have long been a focus of the work of Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL).



North Meadow Friend Kevin Angell at No Dakota Access rally downtown Indianapolis





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