Peace piece

I’ve been enjoying the music of the husband and wife team (Tom and Jenn) KORBEE since they first began to release their music.

I really, really like their new (currently unreleased) song, “We Are”.  You can see the video on their website KORBEE Music.

I was intrigued by the opening line of the song:  “Spend our days trying to find the piece that makes us whole”.   Right away I realized it could also be  “trying to find the PEACE that makes us whole”.

I was led to speak about that during North Meadow’s Quaker meeting for worship this past Sunday.

I was really curious as to whether their intention was for us to think of both words when we heard the lyric.  I realized I might actually be able to get an answer, so I sent a Facebook “friend” request to Tom, and he accepted.

Then I wrote  “I’ve mentioned to friends how I enjoy the opening lyrics for ‘We Are’, and wondered if you intended that either meaning of the word piece/peace works?”

Tom replied, “Both work for sure and in a way they are the same, ya know?  That ‘piece’ may be peace.”

My initial message mentioned “I also appreciate (as a Quaker) your social justice messages”.   Here is one of those from Tom on June 12, the day of the Orlando shootings:

“Today was the worst shooting in US history. I am grief stricken, and angry. I have and will always stand with LGBT community. This senseless act of cowardly violence goes far beyond any reason or understanding. We must demand immediate change in our laws and settle for nothing short of swift action. Stay safe people.”





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2 Responses to Peace piece

  1. Don L. says:

    Thanks Jeff, I like your comments and “leadings.” You seem to make contact with
    spiritually alive people.

    • jakisling says:

      Thanks, Don. I’m getting the hopeful feeling that more and more people are beginning to work for peace and justice in all kinds of ways.

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