Rural Mutual Aid

I’m so impressed with the work being done by Des Moines Mutual Aid.

Now I’m wondering what Mutual Aid in rural areas looks like. Following are a few things from Appalachian ROAR, Rural Organizing and Resilience.

This photo of food for distribution looks a lot like the food boxes we distribute every Saturday morning in Des Moines (Des Moines Mutual Aid).

This week we have fresh eggs, veggies, dry goods, masks and kids books available for free to anyone in need. Stop on by our Mutual Aid Hub this Saturday 12-1pm to pick some up. We are located next to the Cooperative Extension Agency in the outbuilding at the far end of the parking lot by the greenhouse, 258 Carolina Ln, Marshall. We are all in this together!

It is sad that in this day and age a simple statement we should all be able to get behind, “Resist Racism”, is somehow seen as being “political” or controversial. We’ve seen the same with our “Stronger Together, Rural Communities United for Racial Justice” yard signs repeatedly being stolen around the county. Please show your support for businesses like Baa’d Sheep Burritos that are taking a stand for equality. Haters are going to hate, but we know that working for an inclusive community where everyone can prosper and live free from discrimination is the only path forward.

Baa’d Sheep Burritos

November 3 at 7:28 AM  · Well, I guess I’m going to double down.In Mars Hill, we have one sign in our window that says “Resist Racism.” It was up long before this year, but not long enough ago, in my opinion, to make up for years of being complicit growing up in a racist south. I honestly do not feel politically driven to make a statement. It is not my intent to be divisive or political or offensive. And, I am truly saddened that this upsets people. I am driven by a desire to make people feel included, to seek to understand, to help the world be better. For every 1 person who let me know our sign upsets them (there were two), there were three people who shared that they appreciated it. I am not going to be bullied into taking it down, and if simply having the statement, “Resist Racism” is going to put us out of business, I’ll be proud to go out of business.(And, for the record, “Resist Racism” is not a slogan attached to BLM, or any movement, organization or political faction.)Signed, Dawn and MichaelEdit: I want to thank the two survey responders who reminded me that we still have work to do and prompted me to donate in their honor to Rural Organizing and Resilience, our local Madison County non-profit working towards equal opportunities for all. Learn more about them here:

Rural Organizing And Resilience

October 19 at 12:53 PM  · It was a beautiful day to march with 150-200 Mars Hill University students and Madison County residents to stand up for racial justice. Proud of our county and the MHU students who pulled this together

When I was asking Ronnie James what he knew about rural mutual aid, one thing he suggested was to look into rural youth food insecurity.

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