Ceremonies to Stop DAPL in Indianapolis

This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog post about ceremonies to stop pipelines. These are more photos and short videos of water protectors and actions in Indianapolis related to the Dakota Access pipeline in 2016.

Many of these videos and photos are about the day we marched as a group to two of the banks in downtown Indianapolis that funded the Dakota Access pipeline, the CHASE and PNC banks. At each bank we stood in silence as protectors with accounts there went into the bank to close their accounts, and tell the bankers why. https://jeffkisling.com/2016/11/16/nodapl-indianapolis-banks/

Eighteen accounts were closed with a total of around $100,000.00 removed from them. North Meadow Circle of Friends, the Quaker meeting I attended in Indianapolis, closed its CHASE account.

Slideshow of photos:

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