Chadwick Boseman

I didn’t know why I was so saddened to learn of the death of Chadwick Boseman. But I began to understand why as I listened to so many share their beautiful stories of how he affected them, even those who had never met him. We avidly search for more stories, told by those who did.

I believe what Richard Wagamese wrote.


From the moment we are born to the time we continue on our spirit journey, we are involved in the creation of the story of our time here. It is what we arrive with. It is all we leave behind. We are not the things we accumulate. We are not the things we deem important. We are story. All of us. What comes to matter then is the creation of the best possible story we can while we’re here; you, me, us, together. When we can do that and we take the time to share those stories with each other, we get bigger inside, we see each other, we recognize our kinship — we change the world one story at a time.

Richard Wagamese (October 14, 1955-March 10, 2017)
Ojibwe from Wabeseemoong Independent Nations, Canada

Chadwick Boseman was a great storyteller. He was tremendously skilled at sharing his stories, on and off the screen. He helped us see each other and recognize our kinship. Helped us create the best possible story we could while we were here together.

He changed the world one story at a time.

Chadwick Boseman continues on his spirit journey. And I believe he would want us to continue to create the best story we can while we are here; you, me, us, together. Continue to change the world.

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