Hello Rebels

Hello Rebels,

Death Valley hits 130 degrees Fahrenheit — the hottest August temperature ever recorded on Earth. Fire tornadoes in California; Rare thunderstorms trigger new wildfires that are destroying the world’s largest Joshua Tree forest; A catastrophic derecho devastates Iowa’s corn crop in the middle of a pandemic. America is being slammed by multiple, overlapping emergencies, providing a grim portent of what the climate and ecological crisis has in store for our country.

You’d expect the press to be shouting about it from the rooftops. Instead: silence. Silence about the causes of the devastation. Silence about the solutions we desperately need to stop it. Silence about the fossil fuel criminals that continue to destroy our children’s future.

We’re beginning to wonder whether the corporate press in this country has been bought off. CNN and The Washington Post take money from fossil fuel companies, including Shell and BP. These dirty firms — the world’s worst climate criminals — have spent millions deceiving the public. Sign our petition, and tell CNN and The Washington Post to stop profiting from fossil fuel industry lies.

We are in the midst of a climate and ecological emergency. Our futures — and those of our children — grow bleaker every day. War, disease, and famine lie ahead on a scale that humans have never suffered before. The free press has a moral obligation to Tell the Truth to the public. By refusing to give the climate and ecological crisis the coverage it deserves, and by taking ad revenue from fossil fuel companies, CNN and The Washington Post are failing to inform people about the story of the century. We demand they treat the climate and ecological crisis with the urgency it deserves. Help us demand that they Tell the Truth!

We continue to seek a meeting with CNN and The Washington Post to discuss how they can improve their coverage of the story of the century. They have ignored our requests, so on Monday rebels visited CNN’s office to ask for a meeting. Security guards chased them away, but we’re not giving up:

Stay tuned for updates on actions targeting CNN and The Washington Post.

Masks are required at all XRDC events

Until then, please find this week’s media toolkit here.

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