Actions at Mount Rushmore 7/3/2020

The following are some live videos from Keystone, SD, near Mount Rushmore. My friend Foxy Onefeather began live streaming from the site of the action below. The photos were clipped from the only live televisions crew on site.

This action was to protest the president’s visit, where he is to deliver an address, followed by fireworks. For more see:

Three white vans parked across the road to Mount Rushmore. Then some of the wheels were removed. That meant the vans would have to be removed by tow trucks, as they eventually were.

Right Side Broadcasting is sharing live video from Keystone, South Dakota, 1 mile from Mount Rushmore.

Now police in riot gear are moving into the area (6:08 pm). The police are now up to the protesters. Protester’s signs are being taken and a few arrests are being made.

6:25 pm (Central)

Police are moving away from protesters.

7:00 PM Central time

7:15 pm Central. Finally getting the vans blocking the road onto tow trucks.

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