Bank Invasion

Do you feel helpless in the face of the continuing onslaught of environmental catastrophes? Who doesn’t? Banks know that fossil fuel mining and use has to end now in part because of environmentalist’s actions like those below. But instead continue significant funding of these projects. Stopping that funding is one of the most effective ways to stop these projects.

This video shows a powerful action you can take in your own community.

BANK INVASION — AND PLEASE DO IT IN YOUR TOWN, By Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, January 23, 2020

Carrying the fire back to the bank that lit the match is such logical justice. Here look at this, the world is on fire. We are peaceful but not polite.

The bank’s investments should be known to us if the profiteering is cutting life short. The bank that blew up the Paris Climate Agreement – everyone should know what Chase has done. Unimaginable streams of money- $2.6 trillion pouring into destruction: Amazon deforestation, coal power, pipelines, weapons, prisons, Saudi refining and palm oil plantations. This should be known to everyone. We should know and the bankers should know that we know. We carry the karmic visuals right into the lobby and we are immediately told that this is private property and the police are coming for us. Let them come, they need to know this too.

We are making everyday actions, to join us email

BANK INVASION — AND PLEASE DO IT IN YOUR TOWN, By Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, January 23, 2020

Fire Fire burning bright
in the forest in the night
Chase investment lit the spark
Can you finance Noah’s Ark?

How much will burn before we learn?
How much life is lost before we know the cost?
The earth is burning burning burning

You can ask your bank to stop funding fossil fuel projects. Following is data compiled by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) regarding which banks are providing, profiting, from those projects.

Top investment banks provide billions to expand fossil fuel industry

Divesting from banks that fund fossil fuel projects has been going on for many years, with billions of dollars divested. And yet the banks continue pursue those profits.

I’ve had a number of experiences related to fossil fuel divestment.

In November, 2015, the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) organized actions in several cities to ask MorganStanley to stop funding coal mining projects. We were part of that network of cities in Indianapolis. We took the petition you can see below to the MorganStanley office, and spoke to the Manager about that funding. He was very polite and accepted our petition. He had heard ahead of time that activists might be going to MorganStanley offices. Later that week, at the MorganStanley shareholders meeting, they took action to stop funding coal projects.

I won’t repeat all the other stories of my experiences with fossil fuel divestment. You can read those here: I’ll end with photos from some of those events/actions.

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