International Trail of Smiles

I sent yesterday’s blog post about the kid’s drawings on envelopes from Monteverde Friends School (Costa Rica) to the school. Here is the wonderful response I received.

What a joy it was to see the note you sent yesterday with the blog about the kids’ drawings on our appeal letter envelopes!

I guess you could say I am the new Tracy Cobb. I am a volunteer, visiting Monteverde more and more (3 months this time) and deciding to move here shortly. Your blog really made all the work on preparing the appeal letter – writing and printing all the letters, labels and enclosures in Colorado, bringing ~600 letters on my flight here in October, getting teachers, students, staff and Meeting members to write notes on every letter and color each envelope – feel worthwhile.

Last year I helped Tracy on the envelope stuffing and took all the U.S. letters back with me to mail at home. I got to see the smiles on the Post Office workers as they saw the envelopes. I like to think of how the envelopes create a long international trail of smiles, from those here to the Post Office, to mail carriers and as they arrive for supporters. Just a wonderful sense of spreading smiles!

Thank you once again for your blog about the letters and envelopes!

Ellen Cooney , Monteverde Friends School, Costa Rica
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2 Responses to International Trail of Smiles

  1. Kathleen Hall says:

    Jeff, I hope you read this – thank you for sharing the lovely pictures and letters.  Have a happy day tomorrow, and give your mother a hug for me.  Kathy

    • jakisling says:

      Thank you very much Kathy. I’ll tell Mom. I hope you have a happy day tomorrow as well. At Wednesday evening meeting I got to visit with my Scattergood classmate, Dan Mott, here visiting his Dad, Don Mott.

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