This is about taking your power back, and figuring out how we do it together

One of my favorite songwriters, performers and spiritual warriors is Nahko Bear of Nahko and Medicine for the people. He just released the song “Lifeguard” and tells the story of this song below.

He also speaks of how we can share our intentions and take our power back, together. I pray this will help guide us through perilous times.

Each new and full moon is a time to reflect and reset our intentions.
In parallel with these moments, I want to share with you new music.

During this Holy Day season, as we celebrate the Dead and the archetypes of Scorpio, I marvel at the timing of this songs release. I wrote Lifeguard nearly ten years ago after almost drowning in the ocean. It’s incredibly difficult to keep your head above water during these massive shifts in consciousness. My intention is to keep going deeper in my healing, to use my voice, stand up for my needs, and to not feel guilty or obligated to anyone else but me. To challenge myself to face my shadows and embrace my inner child’s need for nurturing and acknowledgment, this is a daily practice that will continue throughout my life.

Lifeguard is about the push and the pull. Give what you can, take what you need.

In my practice of giving what I can and taking what I need, I’ve had to learn how to reserve my energy and take time to recalibrate. I give a lot of energy on the road, every day. It takes a toll and in the past year I’ve had to find ways to protect my spirit when it is weary. I have a high standard of work for myself, but even this year with the touring and recording schedule, I have forced myself to take time at home to recalibrate. The worker bee in me says get back to work, but the Cancer Rising in me says stay home and rest, the world needs you in top shape!

Each new moon and full moon is an opportunity to set intentions, begin new chapters, plant seeds, sow seeds — begin anew. I’m planning to do something very special around each new moon and full moon. Sharing my thoughts, sharing new music, hearing your thoughts, and setting my own intentions and sharing what that means to me.

Click here to share your intentions.

Nahko and Medicine for the People

This is about taking your power back, and figuring out how we do it together.

Step into your Power with us and embrace the Medicine as we embark on a new chapter. It’s time to Take Your Power Back.

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