Protest Against ICE in Iowa

From my friend Christine Nobiss:

I would like to connect you with Molly Arndt who is running a small group in Iowa City that has protested and will continue to protest against ICE allies and facilities in Iowa. All climate change, environment and anti Big-Ag groups in Iowa should consider helping out if they can as climate change, environmental destruction and economic insatiability is a result of colonial-capitalism which is very evident in the treatment of Indigenous Peoples from south of the border. There is an action 10/11/19 in Cedar Rapids, which can be seen here.

Please share with your networks. 

If you would like to keep in touch with Molly, her email is  and her message is below. Please send her a direct email if you are interested so she can start to build a network and/or plug in with your network and help with your actions. 

Christine Nobiss

Hello! I’m part of a group of people organizing protests against local law enforcement and corporations working with ICE and CBP. Our third protest of the year is on Friday, October 11 from 11 am to 3 pm. Our goal with this protest is to pressure Collins Aerospace to end their $55 million dollar contract with ICE and CBP to produce essential communication equipment. 

I’m contacting your organization to ask for your help getting the word out and/or possibly help organizing. We believe that our goals are similar enough and our core beliefs align so that you might be interested in helping us. If you’re interested in getting involved or have any questions please email me back so that I can fill you in further. Or you can join our Facebook group End ICE in Iowa to find contact information and more about our group and what we need help with before the protest Friday.

Molly Arndt

From: Iowa companies’ contracts with ICE, border patrol earn them millions by Zachary Oren Smith, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Aug. 15, 2019

Between Fiscal Year 2008 and 2019, Iowa companies received $73 million from contracts with ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) and CPB (Customs and Border Protection) — 69% of which came in 2017 after Trump took office.

Four companies have garnered the largest share of the millions made from contracts with the two agencies. While information describing products and services are limited, they do include the short descriptions and amount paid for contracts between federal fiscal years 2008 and 2019:

  • Rockwell Collins Inc. of Cedar Rapids had 115 contracts totaling $55 million. These ranged from contracts for information and engineering services to “search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical and nautical system and instrument manufacturing.”
  • Career Management Associates of Iowa LLC of Ankeny had nine contacts totaling $11 million. These were for temporary help services.
  • The Hon Company LLC (HNI Corporation) of Muscatine had 110 contracts totaling $1.9 million. Each was for the manufacture of wooden office furniture. 
  • AllSteel Inc. (HNI Corporation) of Muscatine had 44 contracts totaling $1.7 million. These were for the manufacture of non-wood furniture. 
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